Buy Real Passports online

Buy Real Passports online
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Buy Real Passports online.

Buy Real Passports online. If you are looking for a second citizenship, running away from a crime or from someone, you can change your identity with Bjarke & Eckbert. They are a company dedicated to producing the most powerful passports in the World. The Passport is not just to change your identity but also getting a second citizenship for prestige or to reduce tax burdens.

Whether to change your identity or reduce tax burdens, Bjarke & Eckbert will give you real passports registered with the database systems. We work with the most powerful immigration offices in the World. There are over two dozen countries looking for people to invest in their economy and so will give you a second citizenship.

We do not sell the fake washed up passports, all our passports are real, registered and can be verified online that is they are machine readable. Send inquiries if you are looking to buy Real Passports online and have it delivered within 2 weeks.

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Buy Real Passports online

Buy Real Passports online from Bjarke & Eckbert that are Machine Readable. Bjarke & Eckbert offers Machine Readable Passport (MRP) is a machine-readable travel document (MRTD) with the data on the identity page encoded in optical character recognition format. Many countries began to issue machine-readable travel documents in the 1980s.

Most travel passports worldwide are MRPs. They are standardized by the ICAO Document 9303 (endorsed by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission as ISO/IEC 7501-1) and have a special machine-readable zone (MRZ), which is usually at the bottom of the identity page at the beginning of a passport. The ICAO Document 9303 describes three types of documents. Usually passport booklets are issued in “Type 3” format, while identity cards and passport cards typically use the “Type 1” format. The machine-readable zone of a Type 3 travel document spans two lines, and each line is 44 characters long. The following information must be provided in the zone: name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, sex, and passport expiration date. There is room for optional, often country-dependent, supplementary information. The machine-readable zone of a Type 1 travel document spans three lines, and each line is 30 characters long.

Machine-readable passports enable faster processing of arriving passengers by immigration officials, and greater accuracy than manually read passports, as well as faster data entry and data matching against immigration databases and watchlists.

Buy Real Passports Online

With Bjarke & Eckbert you can place your order and get all types of European travel passports. For a company that produces machine readable passports, our prices are the best.

Send inquiries and buy Passports online.

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