Where to buy Lithuanian Passport online

Where to buy Lithuanian Passport online
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Where to buy Lithuanian Passport online.

Where to buy Lithuanian Passport online. Bjarke & Eckbert is the right place to be if you are looking for where to buy Lithuania Passport. Printing Passports online is a high stakes business and only the most secure company Bjarke & Eckbert is up to the task. Many security features go into a passport, such as special holograms, fibers, tamper-proof materials and electronic information, that make it next to impossible to forge or counterfeit. Who better to turn to that Bjarke & Eckbert if you are looking to buy Lithuanian Passport online.

Passport specifications are set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization, but each country can choose which security features to include in its passport.

What makes Bjarke & Eckbert different from every other person selling fake passports online is the ability to have the passports registered with the database system.

Walking with a fake document is a crime and will give you some jail time. With Bjarke & Eckbert there’s no fear of the border control authorities because the passport we offer is valid and real.

Send your inquiries today and buy Lithuanian Passport online.

Click the image below if you are looking for where to buy Lithuanian passport online.

where to buy Lithuanian passport online

Before looking to buy Lithuanian Passport online, it is very important you learn about it.

What is the Lithuanian Passport and it’s advantages.

We print the official Lithuanian passport which is normally issued exclusively to Lithuanian citizens to identify themselves as such and/or to facilitate travel outside Lithuania (there are other types of passports which may be issued by Lithuanian authorities to non-citizens; e.g. a “Foreigner’s Passport”, or “Stateless Person’s Passport”, or “Refugee’s Passport”). Every Lithuanian citizen is also a citizen of the European Union. The passport, along with the national identity card allows for free rights of movement and residence in any of the states of the European Union and European Economic Area.

The passport-book contains 32 pages and a polycarbonate personal data page; personal data, a photograph, and signature are laser engraved. The passport is manufactured according to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements. All data “brackets” could be read in Lithuanian, English, and French. The passports are issued to Lithuanian citizens upon request, and are valid for up to ten years( for adults) and five years (for children from 5–16 years). For younger children, passports are valid for two years, which can be extended by a separate request for up to five years.

Since 28 August 2006, the Lithuanian passports have become e-passports (i.e. they include electronic biometric data), whereas beginning with 1 January 2008, the Lithuanian passport is issued in a new format (the most notable feature of it is the burgundy colour and the words “European Union” [spelled in Lithuanian] featured on its cover). As with all e-passports, RFID memory chip stores the photograph and other data (such as fingerprint) in electronic form and could be read by border agencies abroad from a distance of a few feet.


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