About Us

About Us

Bjarke and Eckbert are the number one provider of travel Passports. We have dispensed Global Resettlement Solutions to over 1,000 clients who have found a happy living in some of the most privileged countries like Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

We provide high quality Passports registered with the system which will help you change your identity. With our passports, you can travel to any part of the World without fear and once expired can be renewed with the authority of the resident country.

We have legal support and work directly with the most powerful immigration officers in the world.  So, all our Passports are already logged into the database system.

No need getting a Passport that is not registered with the system because it will only land you into trouble. Bjarke and Eckbert gives you the opportunity of a new life and new identity. Go to our order page and fill the form to buy Passports online

Quality of our Passports

More and more governments around the world are now using our ultra-secure plastic ID1 chip card technology and systems to manage citizen identification from registries to authentication. Card production options include holograms, optical-variable ink and ultraviolet printing to make forgery virtually impossible. Our ID management solutions fully integrate into backend systems and we can deliver a full turnkey solution with professional service, including card readers, cryptography, gate technology and servers.

From passports and personal identity cards to complete border control, we have the answers. If you require a security product not in our standard portfolio, our experts can develop a system to meet your requirements.

Our Printers are six-color and four-color inkjet printers, respectively. Packaged into a relatively compact, yet robust body, both models allow for a black and white or color printing resolution of up to 4800 dpi. They work with durable pigmented cyan, yellow and magenta inks in addition to black, stored in long-lasting ink tanks.

Featuring the OEM printing technology by Hewlett Packard, each passport printer can easily issue visa, as well as ordinary, diplomatic, or biometric passports in compliance with the current recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Furthermore, an individual print face, such as “Visa” or “Observations”, can be set for every page.

The models include two optional features for enhanced security and flexible configuration. An RFID Reader and Writer allows handling contactless RFID chips in ePassports. The second optional feature, a camera system, further enables the printer to position the mandatory machine readable zone in accordance with ICAO specifications. Moreover, the camera can retrieve visual data, like passport number or images from the document.

Order passports today and get the citizenship of any country you desire in just 2 weeks.

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